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Friday, June 19, 2009

Tie Breaker

Tally from Top FIve

Tally from Blog Idol

Tally from Positive Thinking

Tally from Super Blog]

Final Tally
Here i Am by Norms: 9 votes
Thriller by Fida:7 votes
All i need is the girl by euroangel: 4 votes
How you remind me by meemoe: 4 votes
Thank you for loving me: 11 votes

Tie Breaker between the two contenders
will be held at Top Five and will last only for a day

1 comment:

JM Estoque said...

ah! yes! Oldies really are more wonderful than the noisy musics of today.

Especially of '70's, songs before are really emotionally and very deep and has its meaning and values.

If you have some time, I invite you to please care to have a visit to my site

Thank you and God bless! :)