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Monday, October 31, 2011


Congratulations to

Mona Abayle of Working At Home!!!
Congratulations Mona Abayle. You will receive our Grand prize (40$ Cash Via Paypal, Personalized Mug, and a Free Web Hosting for one year)

Mai Yang is our Top 2 and will receive $15 Cash via Paypal and a Personalized Mugs.

Thank you guys for all your support.
Here's a tribute Video for our Blog Idol Batch 2011!
This year's Winning Song Entry - When You Believe by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston

Til' next year guys..
Again, Congratulations to Mona Abayle!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Amazing Mugs From Fotografi Rox

I got the Personalized mugs last Friday from the very creative Roxanne Tamayo of Fotografi Rox Digital Printing Creations and Designs. The mugs are so lovely and it's really cute to see the Blog Idol logo design on it. I ordered 3 types of mugs for top 4-6. However our top 5 failed to submit her info on time so her prize will be converted to 5$ Cash Via Paypal.

White Mug With Blog Idol logo and web info for Tom Sower

Magic Mug with Blog Idol Logo and Web info for Xan Gerna

The other mug will be served as a Token for one of our Top 3, the other one will receive a printed T Shirt. I haven't ask the other Blog Idol participants yet whether she wants a T Shirt or a Mug.
I would like to grab to this Opportunity to thank Roxanne Tamayo of Fotografe Rox. I ordered these items from Cebu! Can you imagine that? I'm from Cavite so it's miles away from my place but I'm really grateful that I found her via Facebook.
Aside from these Personalized Mugs, Fotografi Rox offers other products and services including T-Shirt Printing, Personalized Tumblers, Key Chains, Notepads, and a whole lot more.
I am very satisfied with the Mugs and I am really considering ordering more for my future blog giveaways. Oh and my Brother was really amazed with the Magic Mug and is eager to have one for himself too. Kudos for Fotografi Rox

Blog Idol TOP 2 - THE FINALE!!!

Whoa! Time is running so fast and it seems that it was just yesterday when we have 12 Blog Idol Participants competing for their song entries and now, the much awaited time arrives! It's time to reveal our TOP 2!!!
Here's the final Tally for the Round 7
We got a total of 162 Valid entries for the previous round.

Mai Yang = (California Gurls) - 77 (prev ranking - 1st)
Mona Abayle (Please Don't Stop The Music) - 55 (prev ranking - 2nd)
Genny = (Vogue) - 30 (prev ranking - 3rd)

Thank you girls for being so Sport
Congratulations to ....

Mai Yang and Mona Abayle !!
Tomorrow is the start of our Last Week, our Finale!!

Thank you so much Genny for being so sport and for all the campaigns that you did. I really appreciate it and I hope you had fun with our mini game.
Genny will receive $10 Cash Via Paypal and a token!
thanks a lot and see you in the next and last round!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Blog Idol 2011 TOP 3

Hooray! The Semi Final Round is on! Last week was such a HUGE blast. Wow guys, the fight is really really close. The scores will tell how close the fight is. But of course let's not take this game as a competition but more of having fun. You guys, have chosen great entries and I'm really really grateful to have you in this fun game.
Next week is the start of Semi Final Round and is the Make or Break round because the voters should only pick a song. Meaning to say, that's ONE VOTE per VOTER.
Round 7 will now allow Ex-Blog Idol Participants to vote.
TOP 3 will receive $10 Cash via Paypal right after the announcement of Top 2.
TOP 2 will receive $15 Cash via Paypal after the announcement of Winner
Same thing goes with our Champion who will receive $40 Cash via Paypal and a One Year Web Hosting sponsored by Ate Belle
It doesn't include the Domain yet but I'm currently talking to some sponsors to make that possible.

And now, here's the Final Tally for Round 6
(We received 195 VALID Entries)

Mai Yang = (All My Life) - 100 (prev ranking - 4th)
Mona Abayle (Quit Playing Games) - 99 (prev ranking - 2nd)
Genny = (I Want To Spend My Lifetime Loving You) - 97 (prev ranking - 3rd)
Xan Gerna (Hand in my Pocket) - 94 (prev ranking - 1st)

Congratulations for Making it to the Semi Final Round. We're just 2 weeks away from the Finale Woohoo

Xan Gerna will receive a Magic Mug printed with Blog Idol Logo and his Blog Url.
Thank you Xan Gerna for being so sport and I'm really grateful to have you in the game.
Thanks a lot

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Items Shipped Part 1

The first set of prizes were being shipped today!
Smurf Key chains and PvZ Plushies are on their way! Yay!
TOP 12 : Jean Soo = Smurf Key Chain
Top 11: Engr Moks = Smurf Key Chain
Top 10 : Xander = Smurf Key Chain
Top 9 : Little Sprout's Mommy = Smurf Key Chain
Top 8 : Mark = Plush Toy
Top 7 : Gagay = Plush Toy
I don't have the Mugs yet because I have to know the last Url from whoever will get the Top 4 Spot.
Top 6 : Raffy ( Tom's Attic = Plain White Mug with Blog Idol Logo, Web Title and URL
Top 5 : April Tarongoy (No Info yet) = Inner Color Mug with Blog Idol Logo, Web Title and URL

Note to April : April, please send me your Mailing Address and your Web info. I need them until October 15. If in case you failed to submit the info, i have no choice but to change the prize to $5 Cash via Paypal or something else. Thanks

Have a Great day guys and Happy blogging to All

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Blog Idol 2011 Top 4
Yay! It's been another week and We're Almost there guys! We only have 2 weeks left before the Finale woohoo!

Anyway, here's the Final Tally for our Blog Idol Round 5 Country Medley

Xan Gerna (Teardrops on My Guitar ) - 80 (prev ranking - end)
Mona Abayle (Coward of the Country) - 77 (prev ranking - 2nd)
Genny = (I Told You So) - 57 (prev ranking - 3rd)

Mai Yang = (Just A Kiss) - 56 (prev ranking - 1st)
April Tarongoy (Bless The Broken Road ) - 17 (prev ranking - 5th)

Congratulations to our participants who made it to the next round
Meet our TOP FOUR

April Tarongoy will receive the personalized Inner Color Mug.
Thank you so much my friend for being so sport and for joining the game. Thank you sooo much

Starting NEXT WEEK, Voters will only have to Pick their TOP 2 Songs.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Blog Idol 2011 Top 5

heya!It's been another week,thank you guys for all the campaigns that you did, I really appreciate your efforts and I hope you guys are having fun as well. We're almost there! We only have few weeks left.
Listed below is the final Tally of our Motown Week.

Mai Yang = (I Want You Back) - 46 (prev ranking - 4th)
Mona Abayle (Signed, Sealed, Delivered! I'm Yours) - 38 (prev ranking - 1st)
Genny = (I'll Be There ) - 32 (prev ranking - 3rd)

Xan Gerna (Don't Worry Be Happy ) - 22 (prev ranking - 2nd)
April Tarongoy (My Girl ) - 17 (prev ranking - 6th)
Tom Sower (Endless Love ) - 13 (prev ranking - 8th)

Congratulations to our participants who made it to the next round
Meet our FAB FIVE

Tom Sower will receive the personalized White Mug.
Thank you so much my friend for being so sport and for joining the game. Thank you sooo much