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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Items Shipped Part 1

The first set of prizes were being shipped today!
Smurf Key chains and PvZ Plushies are on their way! Yay!
TOP 12 : Jean Soo = Smurf Key Chain
Top 11: Engr Moks = Smurf Key Chain
Top 10 : Xander = Smurf Key Chain
Top 9 : Little Sprout's Mommy = Smurf Key Chain
Top 8 : Mark = Plush Toy
Top 7 : Gagay = Plush Toy
I don't have the Mugs yet because I have to know the last Url from whoever will get the Top 4 Spot.
Top 6 : Raffy ( Tom's Attic = Plain White Mug with Blog Idol Logo, Web Title and URL
Top 5 : April Tarongoy (No Info yet) = Inner Color Mug with Blog Idol Logo, Web Title and URL

Note to April : April, please send me your Mailing Address and your Web info. I need them until October 15. If in case you failed to submit the info, i have no choice but to change the prize to $5 Cash via Paypal or something else. Thanks

Have a Great day guys and Happy blogging to All

1 comment:

Mai Yang said...

hmmm..where's mine? haha!