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Monday, May 17, 2010

Sorry for the Trouble

Sorry for the trouble guys, i am trying to edit the poll survey earlier tonight... i actually wanna change it From "multiple votes" to "one vote only system" but i failed and messed up the poll..
I start receiving error... and it seems that i can't edit anything in my blog... I can't edit any widgets in my side bar for some reasons....
So i am calling all the techie please help me,....
Oh Blogger why are you doing this to me.. we've been together for almost 3 years and you never give me a hard time... why now... why now that i have Blog Idol game... poor me..
Anyway, i am glad that i took a screen shot of the poll before editing the html (in whihj i am not really expert... i should have not done it in the very first place and ask for a techie instead.)
Here's the screenshot,

"Sorry for the trouble about the Poll, here i got the screen shot before it was being corrupted... these scores will be added in the tally for this round... for the meantime, just use the comment System to vote for your favorite Idol."


An Angry Voter said...

This is an unfair approach for the contest organizer to remove the poll system in order to protect certain contestant who are on the way loosing.

This round are a poll voting round, although the current poll is corrupted, a new poll should be recreate for this round, and the result of the corrupted poll shall be tally with the new poll chart at the end of the current round.

If this contents is about protecting certain contestant only, it is best if you just end the contest and just announce your desired contestant to win, without wasting any of our time to vote and posting comment vote.

Contestant had worked so hard to promote your blog in order to gain votes fairly, but end up that the contest organizer is fixing the result for his desired contestant to win. I don't see the meaning of continuing for the rest of the contestant to work hard for promoting this contest and this blog for gaining any votes anymore.

Please be fair. When you announce that there is poll systems for particular round, you should not change the decision at the last minutes when you see your desired contestant is loosing.

A said...

Hey Blue,

I am so sorry you having some trouble with your html codes.. I know a little bit about html, if you'd like I can take a look at it, but I'm not that good so I can't promise you that I'll be able to fix it.. but I might.. :P so anyway, gimme a buzz if you need any help.. :)

waliz said...

hi blue, thanks for undying support for my blog..hehehe..nice to read yr comment there n feel really been appreciated..c ya!