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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Introducing Blog Idol Batch 2011

Heya! First of all, thank you guys for joining. I'm really happy to have you all in my Blog Idol Contest which is now on it's fourth year.
Here are the first 12 Bloggers and also our official
Blog Idol Batch 2011

Blogger name , blog url and location in order
  1. Tom Sower of What's Up (Philippines)
  2. EngrMoks of Mokong™ (Philippines)
  3. April Tarongoy of Unleashed Randomness (Philippines)
  4. Gagay Dinampo of The Latest Buzz (Philippines)
  5. Little Sprouts' Mommy of My Little Sprouts (Malaysia)
  6. Mai Yang of Most Awesome Blog Title Ever (Philippines)
  7. Xan Gerna of When My Vain Brain Stirs (Philippines)
  8. Jean Soo of Yummy~licious (Malaysia)
  9. Mark of Air Force Blogger, I am! (Philippines)
  10. Mona Abayle of Working At Home (Philippines)
  11. Xander of A Boy Named Xander (Philippines)
  12. Genny of Sweet Appreciation of Life (Philippines)
Now, to make your entry valid, you have to put our Sponsors badge to your blog (Sidebar or Footer). Choose which size do you want, copy and paste it in your blog.

Widget A (Size 200)

Widget B (Size 150)

Widget C (Size 100)

Please confirm if you have the badge already.
I'll give you the song categories this week

By the way, if you want to change your picture or your link, just tell me


EngrMoks said...

Done putting the sponsors badge.

Tom23 said...

Ei Milton I'm done with the badge. Thanks.

Eagleman said...

done! hehe ^_^

kita kits mga bossing ^_^

Mai Yang said...

done ^_^

Anonymous said...

done with the sidebar :) please check it .
thankss ^_^

Alice Law said...

Done my friend!^^

Jean Soo said...

it's done, blue! you can see yr pretty badge at my sidebar! ;)

Call Me Xander said...

waahh.. im one of the finalist.. Lol.. this is fun..

Done putting the badge on my sidebar.. Thanks..

w0rkingAth0mE said...

Done putting the sponsors badge located in my sidebar.

I'm sure this one is FUN.

gagay said...

done putting the badge Milton!

pachange ko sana ang badge ko..i'll make one muna..LOL!

AirForceBlogger.Me said...


nailagay ko na ang badge. Ang badge nlng ng website ang gamitin please. Salamat.

genny said...

done putting the sponsors badge in my sidebar.:-)