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Saturday, September 10, 2011


Here's the Final Tally of Votes (Septemper 4 - 11)

Mai Yang = (Right Here Waiting) 32
April Tarongoy = ( Sweet Child O Mine) 28
Mona Abayle = (Girls Just Wanna Have Fun) 17

Gagay Dinampo = (Eternal Flame ) 16
Mark = (Human Nature) 12
Xander (Man In the Mirror) 11

Little Sprouts' Mommy= (We Are The World) 10
Tom Sower = (Thriller) 10

Xan Gerna = (Every Breath You Take) 7
Genny = (I Want To Know What Love Is) 7

EngrMoks = (Changes in my Life) 5
Jean Soo = (Lost In Your Eyes) 4

Congratulations to our participants who made it to the next round
Meet our TOP 10
(presented in Order Top 1 to Top 10)

EngrMoks and Jean Soo will receive a Smurf Key Chain. Please PM me your mailing address at

All Prizes will be sent right after the entire Competition.
Thank you guys for joining and hope you had fun.


Bananazą®‡ said...

Sorry EngrMoks & Jean Soo to see you leaving, good sport. Congratz to the rest looking forward for another exciting week in Round 2. Cheers!


hi! paistorbo ako...^_^ just wanna say na u've won an award..hope you like it! check this out