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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Voting System and Ways to Earn More Votes

We're just counting hours now before we start. As you all know, Blog Idol is a comment base voting system. Voters have to vote for their Top 3 song entries for the week.
They will just LEAVE a COMMENT on my post, providing their top 3 songs for this week.
If you're going to encourage voters, please tell them not to MENTION your NAMES because the vote will not be counted.
►Tell them to Pick only 3 songs. IF They PICKED LESS THAN OR MORE THEN 3 SONG ENTRIES, the vote will not be counted.
►PARTICIPANTS are not allowed to vote as well hehe
►Votes from anonymous commenter will not be counted as well. (so as for the voter who will not input his/her blog url)
►FOR FACEBOOK USERS: Here's what they need to do

►Just input the Profile URL and your name. THEY SHOULD ADD ME ON FACEBOOK TOO ( to verify if their the one using the account.

There are TWO effective ways on how to gain votes.
1. You can post an entry to your blog, inviting them to vote for your song. Tell them the instruction and link them on the right Voting link.
2. Promote and encourage your friends to vote for you via social networking sites like facebook or twitter.
(these two are optional)
Good luck guys


Mai Yang said...

that's too friends are too lazy to this :(

Tom Sower said...

great! can I screenshot the mechanics then post it to my blog Blue? :)

w0rkingAth0mE said...

Question one day voting lang ba ito?

Alice Law said...

Can I vote for myself? Wakakakaka(jokingly)!!!